A downloadable game for Windows

A simplistic isometric pixel art  RTS tech demo built around the Tile Map Accelerator rendering shader.  This is a tech demo / sandbox for the rendering shader and in no way a feature complete video game experience. 

The main features for the moment are : 

  • Build cities on a massive map drawn using a shader based tile map renderer for maximum performance even while fully zoomed out
  • Generate research points to unlock new technology in the tech tree
  • Build radar stations to expand your play area and reveal the fog of war
  • Carefully plan your layouts to take advantage of bonuses obtained when placing specific types of structures in 3x3 areas
  • Launch nukes to destroy the AI enemy players
  • Add a bunch of AI players to a game and watch from afar as they take over the entire map only to unleash their full arsenal at the end

See README file for more information and modding guidelines.


TMA RTS TechDemo v0.7 19 MB
TMA RTS TechDemo v0.6 19 MB
TMA RTS TechDemo v0.5 19 MB
TMA RTS TechDemo v0.4 19 MB
TMA RTS TechDemo v0.3 19 MB